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You shouldn’t have to choose between being bored to death or being spiritually fed.

At The Rain Radio we deliver relevant, encouraging, hope-filled music and teaching for the dry and weary soul.

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Live streaming Bible based content available 24/7/365 for FREE online through your phone, tablet or PC!

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Your source for songs with messages of Hope and Courage and Faith from professional independant artists.

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We believe in the Bible as the inspired Word  of God and absolute authority.

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Give one, get one! Because we like to give back!

Your donation in support of The Rain Radio is 100% tax deductible through Nehemiah Mission Inc, a 501c3 tax exempt Christ centered ministry.

Donors supporting with gifts of $25 or more will receive a copy of the book ‘Here I Stand’ to enjoy or share with a friend, and we will also send out a copy through our give one, get one program to share the good news with others!


the rain radio for the whole family - a multigenerational family listens to the rain radio together

Relevant, Edifying Content Your Whole Family can Enjoy

Finally! An online streaming station your whole family can enjoy at the same time on those long car trips, short hops to work or school, or just sitting around the fireplace on those cozy family nights. 

We believe the family is the core unit of society. Protect the integrity of the family and you protect the strength and stability of society.

From Our Family to Yours – The Rain Radio


About Our Music Artists, Dramatized Readings & Relevant Talk Shows

Not all syndicated music is good, and not all good music is syndicated. No matter how talented the artist, not every artist gets the same opportunities to have their content and message shared with the world.

At The Rain Radio, while we share some standard BMI and ASCAP represented artists and syndicated, published authors, being a self-supporting, independent media ministry we also have the ability and opportunity to seek out the new, the different, the under served independent artist seeking to share their message of Jesus and His love, and their testimony with the world.

So at The Rain Radio, you can expect something different, something unique, something off the main tracks of your typical station. Expect something new and fresh, like the out pouring of the rain in a dry and weary land.


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Did you know that radio waves usually do not travel far beyond the visual horizon? So the average FM station reception is typically limited to 30–40 miles (50–60 km). They can also be blocked by hills and to a lesser extent by buildings. That is why they need additional towers and repeater stations across larger areas, and why as you travel you find yourself spinning the dial to look for a new station to listen to.

Enter the wonder of online streaming radio!

The Rain Radio is not hindered by the reach of radio waves. Our Christ centered message of hope and courage is carried over ethernet cable and satellite to where ever you are.

You can listen to The Rain Radio online where ever you have internet, wifi, 3g, 4g, 5g or any other type of streaming data no matter where you are in the world.

It’s like having a faithful, encouraging friend with you with a consistent message all the time, any time.

If you’ve been blessed by this station, how about taking a moment to drop one of our DJs a thank you note, giving us a shout out on your social media channel, or sharing the invitation to listen with your friends?

The rewards are eternal, and the cost is free! 🙂

What Our Listeners Say

The words that were spoken to me through this ministry literally sent chills up my spine as I had been thinking very similar things about where we are headed as God’s Children. Something is very unique about how these scriptures are being delivered. If you want to be woken up by this Watchman then listen to the word of God and how it is delivered will surprise you!

Farmer John

If you want to challenge your theology, listen. I was curious about the reformation and the rapture theory. In the past year, I have been questioning this theory, so the timing of this message was serendipitous. Written in a fictional format, the characters uncover aspects of the reformation that are not commonly discussed today. Just as Martin Luther fought for the God’s truth to be recognized, one lone man stands up to his seminary doctrine to protest against the modern rapture theory. In doing so, he uncovers facts of collusion that could rock the modern protestant church. This book is compelling and begs for us to continue in our search for divine truth. I read the entire book at one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much for writing this.

David Joy

This is one of the most encouraging and exciting books I’ve ever heard. The courage and faith this family displayed through the difficulties they were facing helped to put this difficulties my family has faced into a positive perspective. It was exciting to read about how God guided and protected this family through the war. I won’t say to much here so as to not ruin the reading experience but I’ve since given this book to my brother as a gift and he loved it too!

Highly recommend, especially for anyone that is facing life problems that seem impossible to solve or get through. This story will encourage.

Greg H.

This music is healing.

Lin P

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